Champions League 2019-20 draw: Barca fall into the table of ‘death’

The lucky ticket has pushed Barcelona into the table of “death” in the Champions League 2019-20. Đông tứ trạch

Last night, the European football federation (UEFA) held a draw to divide the Champions League group of 2019-20. The result has a lot of interesting and promising match tables. In particular, Group F is considered the “death” group this season with the appearance of Barcelona, Dortmund, Inter Milan and Slavia Prague.

Barca is one of the leading championship candidates for many years. Last season, they lost only to Liverpool in the semi-finals. Meanwhile, Dortmund and Inter Milan are also considered as the “giants” in Europe with many bright stars in the squad.

In this group, only Slavia Prague is underestimated. However, the Czech club played on par with Chelsea in the Europa League quarter-finals last season and promised to create a surprise. phong thuy nha bep

Another group that is also considered unpredictable is Group H with the presence of Chelsea, Ajax, Valencia and Lille. Chelsea was the defending champion of the Europa League while Ajax reached the semi-finals of the Champions League last season. Both Valencia and Lille have a good roster and play very uncomfortable.

The remaining tables are quite easy for the giants. In Group A, Paris SG hit Real Madrid, but the other two representatives, Club Brugge and Galatasaray, were not too strong. Similarly, Bayern Munich and Tottenham outperform Olympiacos and Red Star Belgrade in Group B. The Group D and Group E positions are also under the control of Juventus, Atletico, Liverpool and Napoli.

In Group C, Man City promises to easily win tickets when they only have to meet Shakhtar Donetsk, Dinamo Zagreb and Atalanta. In the end, Group G is considered balanced but lacking the most attractive because of the lack of a big team.

The results of the Champions League 2019-20 split table

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