Quang Hai ‘returned’, Mr. Park was half happy

Two beautiful goalscoring goals against Altyn Asyr and Quang Hai’s recent stable performance make Mr. Park happy in the context of many injuries. (Xem thêm: Thước lỗ ban nhà xinh)

The Vietnamese team is about to prepare for a visit to Thailand’s Thammasat in the second round of World Cup 2022 with weaker components than itself. Coach Park Hang-seo, who missed at least three main soccer players, was in the defensive line, midfielder Dinh Trong, defender Van Hau and Trong Hoang due to injury.
The second time reunited with the Thai after defeating the owner of the King’s Cup with Anh Duc’s last-minute goal of winning the wrong goal of goalkeeper Kawin will make this opponent more cautious. They were also different from the two months before inviting Japanese teacher Nishino and now have a strong force, especially the three players playing in the J-League.

Meanwhile, the Vietnamese team at this time did not have much good news, mainly because of overloaded players and many injuries. The biggest joy of Mr. Park at the moment is the necessary return of a few pillars, especially Quang Hai’s pet.

The semi-final first leg in the AFC Cup 2019, Hanoi striker scored two beautiful goals, contributed greatly to a 3-2 victory for the home team against strong opponent Altyn Asyr from Turkmenistan.

More notably, after a long period of difficulty because of the stifling and boredom, Quang Hai recently released bullets from the V-League to the matches in the AFC Cup 2019. A special feature of the midfielder wearing the number 19 This is a nice goal. More importantly, Quang Hai’s sweet comeback will help Mr. Park to be less anxious because many positions in the Vietnam team are down or are tired. (Cùng xem qua: đông tứ trạch, tây tứ trạch)

Need to know after the U-23 finals Asia played brilliant with five goals of super products, Quang Hai in the next tournament is not bad but can not overcome himself. Mr. Park has always believed in using a small player, only 1.68 m tall in national teams, in all positions, though not shining brightly, cannot replace.

In addition to the high-profile re-debut with Quang Hai’s decisive goals, he is also Van Quy, an explosive senior, after not having the Asian Cup and King’s Cup names due to injury. Two Hanoi players helped Mr. Park to cheer up half of the situation when Anh Duc was still fit, or striker Cong Phuong struggled to find a place to play in Belgium.

Coach Park Hang-seo only had 10 days to focus on the team recovering health and training pieces to go to Thailand to play the second round of the World Cup 2022 so he used only his former students. Hopefully the joys of Master Park and the players are complete on this tour, if all are back to their high levels like Quang Hai.

Thailand abandoned the old striker, taking the young striker

Coach Akira Nishino has just made a list of 33 Thai players, before shortening to 23 official players to prepare for the match against Vietnam on September 5. Notably, veteran strikers Teerasil Dangda and Adisak Kraisorn were not on the list. Instead, the Japanese teacher called the two minor strikers under the age of 23 Supachai Jaided and Chananan Pombuppha intended to head to the 30th SEA Games and the U-23 Asian Finals as host. Of course, Thailand’s mainstay in the second qualifying round of the 2022 World Cup is still the stars playing in Japan including defender Theerathon Bunmathan and two midfielders Thitipan Puangchan and Chanathip Songkrasin. HV Nishino’s teachers and students aim to win in Group G to become one of the 12 strongest teams to qualify for the final qualifiers of World Cup 2022 and a 2023 Asian Cup finals like Vietnam.

(According to zing.vn)

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